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Professional Solidarity Mission & Conference in Israel

February 12-18, 2024

Trip Highlights

  • Experience Shabbat in Jerusalem

  • Volunteer at the Achim B’Neshek (Brothers & Sisters in Arms) Chamal (HQ)

  • Bikur Cholim – visit to injured soldiers in rehab from their injuries sustained in battle

  • Spend time in the desert, including a spiritually moving shacharit Torah service

  • Embrace the farmers and evacuees from the Gaza border region

  • If you are a first timer or seasoned Israel visitor, you will experience something new and exciting!

  • Participants interested in staying an extra day - Monday, February 19

      for Masada & Dead Sea area - the cost would be $300 ( * Not       

       including change of flights)

NAASE and Keshet strongly recommend taking the group flight to Israel. PLEASE EMAIL By December 3rd if you would like to be on the

group flight!

If you are not able to take the group flight, please book your travel with ELAL,

as they are currently the only airline traveling to Israel.

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