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A general overview and brief explanation of terminology for most travel insurance plans

Trip Insurance is more important now than ever before. We cannot accept responsibility for any losses or expenses that you or any member of your party may incur as a result of failure to secure adequate insurance coverage.

Please note that in general, only “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) policies cover cancelations due to COVID-19 (or any pandemic), reimbursing you up to 75% of prepaid, non-refundable costs. The CFAR policy must be purchased within 10 - 21 days (varies by insurance company and policy type) of your first deposit payment made towards the trip. You can purchase the insurance policy up front in one payment to cover the full projected cost of the trip or you can purchase the policy in segments as you make trip payments to Keshet (deposit, 50% and final payment). These options should be discussed with the insurance agent prior to purchase.




Trip Cancellation – This allows for reimbursement of prepaid, non-refundable trip costs in the event that you need to cancel your participation in the trip. 


A standard trip cancellation policy provides coverage only if you cancel for one of a number of specific, covered reasons spelled out in the terms of the policy (illness, injury, a close relative in a life threatening situation, etc.) for which you can be reimbursed for up to 100% of the non-refundable trip costs.


Some standard policies offer the option of adding Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.

If you add CFAR coverage, you will be covered for cancellation for any reason. With CFAR coverage, if you cancel for reasons specified in the standard policy as “covered reasons” you are entitled to 100% reimbursement. If you cancel for reasons not specified in the policy you will be entitled to 75% reimbursement.



Trip Interruption – This allows for reimbursement, most commonly in a situation when a person needs to leave their trip in the middle, or misses part of the trip, due to a “covered reason”.


This benefit pays up to 150% of the amount insured (taking into account the likely added costs of needing to leave early or possibly being forced to stay longer.) Your trip interruption must be due to a “covered reason”. Some plans offer an additional option of purchasing “trip interruption for any reason” coverage which will reimburse you 75% for trip interruption for any reason – including trip interruption for reasons not covered by the standard policy.


Medical Protection – This is normally “indemnity coverage”, meaning that you will need to pay the medical expenses directly and the insurance company will reimburse you later. In some emergency situations, the insurance will pay the medical provider directly. Standard coverage is between $50,000 and $150,000, depending on the plan. There is also supplemental coverage available if you feel more comfortable with higher medical cost limits.


Emergency Medical Evacuation – When deemed necessary for a person to have medical care provided at a facility in the United States.  Standard coverage is between $500,000 and $1,000,000.


Travel Delay – If your flight is delayed (typically) 6 hours or more and due to the delay you incur costs - those costs are covered. The standard limit is $200 per day but it varies by plan.


Missed Connection – If your original flight is delayed (typically) by 3 hours or more and it results in your missing a connecting flight, you can be reimbursed for resulting additional costs. Standard coverage for this $500, but it varies by plan.


Baggage & Personal Item Protection – If your baggage and/or personal items are damaged or lost by a common carrier, you can be reimbursed for the value, up to the policy limits.


Baggage Delay – If your luggage is delayed (normally 12 hours or more) you can be reimbursed for costs incurred due to the delay, up to the policy limits.



** Preexisting medical conditions can be covered under most policies by following certain guidelines when purchasing the insurance.


** The insurance information provided above is of a general nature only. Keshet urges you to purchase trip cancellation insurance and supplemental medical coverage (which covers preexisting conditions) which meet your particular needs. We recommend the "Cancel For Any Reason" policies which offer the broadest coverage.


** While you are free to purchase insurance from any company of your choice, Keshet has made arrangements with Travel Insurance Israel. With offices in both Israel and Omaha, Nebraska they have over 25 years of experience as worldwide insurance brokers and can help you choose the policy that best meets your needs. Our contact people are Jeffrey Barr and Dani Eisenstock E-mail:  USA phone: 1-888-747-3773   Mention promo code: KESHET.  You can also get a quote and purchase cancel for any reason insurance directly at the following link:  Protector Plus Cancel for Any Reason Insurance



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