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UAE and Bahrain

Keshet is perhaps the only Israeli tour operator to have operated in the UAE and Bahrain, having organized an in depth seminar there with political and academic leaders for Americans and Israelis with non-Israeli passports. Since then we have maintained and extended our relationships in the Emirates, and in anticipation of future programs we have team to include Dr. Moran Zaga, Israel’s leading expert on the Gulf States. Esti Ohana, who served as the tour operator on our first UAE and Bahrain trip, will be coordinating the logistics and Keshet's founder YItzhak Sokoloff and other senior Keshet educators will be accompanying our groups as well. We are currently reaching out to our friends in the Gulf in order to develop new program offerings that will reflect Keshet’s philosophy of integrating cultural and natural tourism with learning about our host society through people to people meetings with leading cultural and political figures. As with all Keshet trips, we are committed to meeting with the local Jewish community, incorporating the Sabbath into our programming and insuring the availability of kosher food for all who wish to observe the rules of kashrut during our travels.

Although we are already planning exploration trips for the near future, our programs in the Emirates will begin after a radical improvement in the COVID situation. We invite you to
sign up below to express your interest in these trips and to receive priority when we get to the stage of finalizing dates.




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